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We've sent over 10,000 packages in the last year. Join the family today 💎
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Premium Wrist Wear Combinations For Under $80

It's pretty obvious that having a taste for luxury fashion gets really expensive, especially wrist wear. Who would have thought such a small piece of jewellery would cost so much money?! There are tons of different pieces you can have. There are are watches, beaded bracelets, bangles & the list goes on & the prices do add up. Although, they do make a huge difference to your whole attire. 

What we have done is take whats trending, whats modern, whats fashionable AND whats AFFORDABLE and put together some stylish, exquisite wrist wear combinations that you can have, today! 


Combination 1

1. Wrist Coutures Exclusive Nappa Leather Skull Bracelet


Our skull bracelets are for premium wrist wear lovers only!

They are hand crafted to perfection, made with the highest quality nappa leather on the market. Hand woven, 6mm strands of leather are precisely woven together to form the bracelet. A unique feature on the bracelet is the magnetic clasp. It provides a higher level of security on the wrist in comparison to other bracelets & at the same time, provides maximum comfort. To finish off, we added 2 elegant platinum skull charms. To find a bracelet on the market as exquisite & luxurious as this AND at the same price is impossible. We strongly urge anyone who has a taste for fine jewellery to take a look at our skull collection, we know you'll love them. These have been made for you! 

    Original Price: $54.95

    Todays Price: Only $42.95


    As a brand, we undercut all of our competitors prices & deliver higher quality, more unique & rarer wrist pieces. Our Skull Bracelets are specifically made for Wrist Couture and they're one of our most elegant pieces. When worn, they dramatically change the overall look of any attire.

    Our Skull bracelets are also available in Red & Gold, Steel Grey & Rose Gold, Black & Gold and Gunmetal Black & Black.

    Click here to get your premium skull bracelet


    2. Wrist Coutures Exclusive Fleur De Lis Bracelet

    Are you fed up of having to pay premium prices for premium products?


    We have the perfect solution.


    Our never seen before Fleur De Lis Bracelets are purposely made for luxury wrist wear lovers who are on a budget! Is that you? Hand created with matte black beads finished off with a subtle black Fleur De Lis charm. We have designed this bracelet around minimalism. When worn, it will add a unique feature to dressing. Whether it's casual or formal. 

     Original Price: $34.95

    Todays Price: Only $32.95


    Our exclusive Fleur De Lis bracelets are available in our royal collection & also available in Gold & Platinum.


    Click Here To Take A Look At Our Fleur De Lis Bracelets

    Total Price For Combination 1 = $75.90



    Combination 2 

    Wrist Coutures exclusive Lion & Fleur De Lis Stack Bracelet

    Our never seen before stack bracelets are the ultimate statement piece. The immaculate construction of these bracelets exemplifies our commitment to crafting high quality pieces for men who appreciate contemporary designs. Created with meticulous attention to detail, this Fleur De Lis & Lion stack will give your outfit an ultra-luxe look.

    Original Price: $58.95

    Our Price: Only $48.95

    Our stack bracelets are a one of a kind. You will not find anything like this anywhere! Because they are one of our most supreme items on our store, they are available but at an extremely limited amount with less than 200 pieces available.

    Our stack bracelets also come in Gold & Black


    Pick up your Lion & Fleur De Lis Stack Before They Sell Out


    Total Price For Combination 2 = $48.95


    Combination 3

    1. Cubic Zirconia Crown Bracelets

    Have you ever came across a bracelet that screams out luxury? 


    No? Well check this out. 


    Our Crown Bracelets are one of a kind. Made with remarkable attention to detail, the charms that really make the bracelet 'pop' are finished with premium quality cubic zirconia crystals. Bracelets as unique as these don't come around often. You'll regret not checking them out before they go out of stock, so go and take a look! The link will be attached below. Let us know what you think too!

    The downfall... we only have 200 units of each variant which makes them an extremely limited item & they are exclusively made for Wrist Couture.

    Click Here To View Our Exclusive Cubic Zirconia Crystal Matte Black Crown Bracelet

    Click Here To View Our Exclusive Cubic Zirconia Crystal Black & Gold Crown Bracelet


    Original Price: $52.95

    Todays Price: Only $34.95


    2. Royal Bracelet


    Again, these are a must have for premium wrist wear lovers who are on a budget! We have went down the 'simplistic' route when it came to designing & creating this rare piece. The great thing about our Royal Bracelets is the fact that they can be worn either with a watch, with other accessories or just on their own. Either way, wearing one of these will give your attire an ultra-luxe look.

    Our Royal Bracelets come in 3 variants: black, gold & platinum.


    Original Price: $34.95

    Todays Price: Only $32.95


    Total Price For Combination 3 = $67.90


    Click Here To Take a look around our store to see all of our collections!