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We've sent over 10,000 packages in the last year. Join the family today 💎
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The Best Luxury Wrist Wear Combinations For Under $60


It's pretty obvious that having a taste for luxury fashion gets really expensive, especially wrist wear. Who would have thought such a small piece of jewelry would cost so much money?! There are tons of different pieces you can have. There are are watches, beaded bracelets, bangles & the list goes on & the prices do add up. Although, they do make a huge difference to your whole attire. 


What we have done is take whats trending, whats modern, whats fashionable AND whats AFFORDABLE and put together some suggestions you guys could add to your wrist game.

Combination 1


1. Wrist Coutures Exclusive Nappa Leather Skull Bracelet

Designed with black nappa leather and juxtaposed with our signature skulls finished in gold, this bracelet is an instant classic, making it a perennially stylish option for any look. This piece is a must-have for any accessories collection.

  • 6mm Braided, Black Premium Nappa Leather
  • Gold Plated Magnetic Steel Clasp Closure 
  • 8kt Gold Plated, Hand Carved Skulls

 Original Price: $55.95

Our Price: $34.95

Why?! - We purchase all of our products in bulk & have 200 in stock, therefore we are passing the discounts over to you! We want to provide you guys with the best quality products at the best prices. Our skull bracelets are one of our premium products and they don't stay in stock for long.

Our Skull bracelets are also available in Red & Gold, Brown & Gold, Black & Platinum and Black & Black.

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2. Wrist Coutures Exclusive Fleur De Lis Bracelet


The brilliant Fleur De Lis Bracelet is your shortcut to standout style. Using matte black beads, this Wrist Couture bracelet is sure to make a statement whatever your personal style.

  • 8mm Matte Black Beads
  • Gold Plated Fleur De Lis Charm

Original Price: 38.95

Our Price: 24.95

Why!? - Again, we ordered these in bulk but this time only 200 units & these are selling out FAST. Want one yourself? Get it now whilst they are in stock! 

Our exclusive Fleur De Lis bracelets also come in platinum & black.

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Total Price For Combination 1 = $59.90


Combination 2 

Wrist Coutures exclusive Lion & Fleur De Lis Bracelet

This exceptional stack is the ultimate statement piece. The immaculate construction of these bracelets exemplifies our commitment to crafting high quality pieces for men who appreciate contemporary designs. Created with meticulous attention to detail, this Fleur De Lis & Lion stack will give your outfit an ultra-luxe look.

Original Price: $61.95

Our Price: $40.95

Why!? - Again, we bought 200 of these and we are handing all the discounts over to our loyal customers (YOU!) 


Pick up your Lion & Fleur De Lis stack now!


Total Price For Combination 2 = $40.95


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