Where Do We Ship to?

Worldwide. FREE Shipping world wide except China.

What Currency Are Products Listed In?

All products are listed in USD.

Do I Have To Pay Import Duties & Taxes?

If applicable then yes, you as the customer are responsible for these payments.

Received The Wrong Item?

Not to worry, contact mail@wristcouture.com and we'll be happy to correct your order.


Returns Policy 

If you wish to return a product, please return within 7 days and if the product is not damaged then we'll be happy to refund your order.

Delivery Times?

Typical delivery times are 12-20 days. If the product isn't received within 50 days then we will ship another product to you, completely free of charge.

Free + Shipping Item Delivery Times

Because we give you the item for free, the shipping option used is the lowest costing. Therefore, resulting in a longer delivery time & no tracking id info. Please allow anywhere between 18-30 days for you to receive the item.